Humans are the weakest link in the information security chain, and cybercriminals know this better than anyone else.

Phishing has been going on for many years now, yet many users continue to fall prey to tactics that bait victims into revealing their personal information. There is a reason why this type of cyber threat is so prevalent and dangerous besides being relatively inexpensive, it is also very easy to execute

Cybersecurity is no longer just a concern for the IT department but for the entire organization. Whether through email, the web, social media, or other online communications, employees are vulnerable to malware without the proper training. It is important that they spot the types of attacks that may compromise company networks. Knowing the best practices against data breaches and malware infiltration should be a part of the organization’s overall risk prevention program.

Train your employees to think before they click!

Susceptibility to phishing emails drops almost 20% after a company runs just one simulation according to other online reports.

So, people do learn, awareness does rise, and risk can come down with an intelligent solution. Dealing with the consequences of a phishing attack is both time consuming and costly. A single careless click on the wrong link can compromise your entire network. This is why it is important that everyone works together as a team to protect the company.

Phishing Campaigns

Our Phishing  solution delivers targeted phishing campaigns to a huge number of users in just a few clicks Our Phishing campaigns can be easily scheduled to run at a certain time, date, and customize frequency of your campaigns to the employees you’re targeting.

    Email Phishing Simulation:

    Identifying an email scam is not always a straightforward process. Our phishing simulations mimic real-life attack scenarios that teach your employees to spot phishing scams and avoid the hefty cost of a data  breach.

    SMS Phishing Simulation:

    SMiShing or SMS phishing is a variant of phishing scams. It basically uses text messages to trick users into divulging their confidential information. Having a mobile phone means that consumers have access to almost an unlimited amount of data whenever they need it. Sadly, this access is reciprocal, and safeguarding your data is also another challenge altogether.

    Voice Phishing Simulation: 

    Voice Phishing, commonly known as vishing, is the telephone equivalent of phishing. Like its email counterpart, vishing tricks users into revealing confidential information over the phone by posing as a trusted entity. Vishing scams can be very convincing because these callers are usually experts in their respective fields.

    Customizable Templates

    Choose from our vast collection of simulation templates which covers the most current phishing tactics. Customize the level difficulty of your phishing templates starting with the easiest template and increase the level of difficulty until your employees become masters at spotting phishing scams.

    Assessing Your Phishing Risks

    Our Phishing campaigns identifies areas of weakness in your organization and empowers your employees to better protect your organization by executing a real-life phishing attack without all the risks that accompany one.

    Training and Awareness

    Education is an essential component of any security program. For a security program to be effective, it must be backed up by training to help employees make the right decisions in the face of potentially dangerous security threats.

    Knowing that they have fallen for a simulated phishing attack isn’t sufficient. Employees need to understand how they were tricked in order not to make the same mistake again.

     NJERI-ICT Cybersecurity training program delivers your security awareness program by integrating testing and security awareness trainings to your employees

    Gold Package

    €26/User /Year
    • All Silver Features
    • Standard Level Training
    • Smishing Security test
    • Monthly email Exposure test
    • Security Documents and Newsletter’s

    Platinim Package

    €31/User /Year
    • All Gold Features
    • Premium Level Training
    • Security Roles
    • Smart groups
    • Reporting API
    • User event API
    • Social engineering indicators
    • Priority Support

    Silver Package

    €22/User /Year
    • Unlimited Phishing Tests
    • Automated security awareness Program
    • Security Hints and Tips
    • Basic Level Training
    • Automated Training Campaigns
    • Assessments
    • Alert/reporting button
    • Phishing Reply button
    • Industry Benchmarking
    • Virtual Risk Officer
    • Advanced reporting

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