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Almost every business is subject to at least one set of security or privacy rules … and sometimes more. For most organizations, compliance with these rules is tedious, confusing, and downright frustrating. Compliance Auditor presents a simple was to manage the compliance process.



Connected to your business network, Our Compliance Auditor Software provides you with:


  • Compliance-Specific Documents. Most regulations include a list of specific documents – and documentation – that businesses must produce and maintain. Compliance Auditor either has them built-in, or automatically generates them on-the-fly.
  • Regular Comprehensive Compliance Assessments. Using a combination of automated network and computer data-gathering, and responses to built-in online question, Compliance Auditor will discover and report on every issue of non-compliance, along with a remediation plan to address what it discovers.
  • Ongoing Compliance Services. Schedule Compliance Auditor to run regular, automated network scans, detect any new issues of non-compliance and take corrective action. Everything you do is recorded in the system as evidence of compliance.
  • Assistance with Audits. In the event of an audit, there is no need for a mad scramble to gather up the volumes of documents that an auditor will ask for. Compliance Auditor continually collects and archives all the evidence of compliance in one place, making it a snap to respond.

Different Products for Different Standards

While the process of assessing and maintaining compliances with standards is the same across all industries, the specific rules that must be followed vary. That means policies and procedures may differ, different data may need to be collected, and different questions may need to be answered.


That is why we have different modules that can be used with the Compliance Auditor platform. The annual Compliance Manager subscription includes your choice of any compliance standard product; and more products can be “plugged in” at incremental subscription prices.


NJERI-ICT IT Audit and Compliance Assessment will quickly identify and address critical issues within your business technology environment. Our audit and follow-up reports provide you with insight into your IT environment, identifying issues and highlighting security gaps. This then allows us to take advantage of the opportunity to make an immediate positive impact on your operations.

By getting to know your business inside and out, our audits ensure that proper security controls are integrated into your technology and business environment. 

Our comprehensive IT audits are suitable for firms across a number of industry verticals including healthcare, legal, retail and financial. Once we have carried out your audit we'll use our findings to provide recommendations for improvements that will help you achieve your business and technology goals.

Regardless of the size of your business or number of employees companies are required to maintain compliance with at least one cyber security regulation. Navigating the list of regulations and governmental legislation is difficult for most organizations both small and large. A full IT Audit and Compliance Assessment by NJERI-ICT will help you identify the laws and regulations that apply to your business and then assess your levels of compliance against each. We then provide a roadmap to help you improve and maintain ongoing compliance. 

NJERI-ICT can help your business stay compliant with many laws and industry regulations. We establish and assess the right risk-based controls to ensure your business operates in compliance and without hassle. Our IT Audit and Compliance Assessment provides management with an independent assessment of the effectiveness of cyber security identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover processes and activities. The audit program is based on the NIST Cyber Security Framework. The audit program covers sub-processes such as asset management, awareness training, data security, resource planning, recover planning and communications

Our deep understanding of enterprise risk management and corporate governance help your business stay safe without having to deal with unwanted surprises

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